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Solution for digital mass production workshop of jewelry


The solution of jewelry digital batch production workshop is based on the long-term research and practice of various jewelry production processes, deeply combined with the light curing 3D printing technology, and facing the mass proofing of jewelry studio and the mass production scene of jewelry factory, which realizes the efficient and modelless batch production from designing 3D data to casting wax mold. Reduce the average delivery time from 12 days to 5 days, reduce the comprehensive cost by 30% on average, and ensure the stability and consistency of quality. Successfully assisted a large number of jewelry production practitioners at home and abroad, effectively improved the production capacity and profit level, and helped the digital and intelligent transformation of the jewelry processing industry.

Production process flow:
Provide standardized design and production process flow from model data to final casting wax mold.

Core functions:

No mold manufacturing, save mold opening, revision and shorten the time to market by 2 / 3.

Production on demand, personalized data, single model and single piece can also be arranged, and flexible production can reduce the overall manufacturing cost by 20%.

High accuracy, 0.047mm motion accuracy control, perfect presentation of designer creativity and details.

Analysis of successful projects -- 360 hollowed out rose gold rings:

Project background
Yiwu is the world's major small commodity market and also the main wholesale market of popular jewelry. Customer a is the main supplier of well-known brand jewelry. The style of brand jewelry is deeply loved by young girls. Not long after the style is listed, high imitation products will appear on the market.

requirement analysis
Traditional styles are flat and simple in design and color. The supplier of high imitation will buy one and go back to the die to make the same jewelry. In order to test the market's response to the new model, the brand jewelry merchant requires 360 finished products to be delivered within 7 days. At the same time, in order to protect the model data and avoid the requirements of traditional die reproduction, customer a uses the Piocreat casting digital mass production solution.

Meeting points and advantages of piocreat:
1. 3 times production efficiency + dieless manufacturing + on-demand production.
If batch operation, more than 360 finished wax molds can be printed in one day, leaving enough processing time for subsequent processes.

2. Using castable structural wax, the casting performance is consistent with that of traditional casting wax.
It can dewaxing and pouring together, saving the cost of process switching.

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