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3D printing and digitization have become the key words for the future development of dental medicine | Piocreat


Today's 3D printing technology is more and more advanced, which brings unexpected surprises to many industries. For example, in dental medicine, the digital dental technology of 3D printing has brought dental data with high precision, low cost, high efficiency and consistent with the standardized production chain to the dental industry.

Dental 3D models can be used as molds and traditional methods can be used to assist in the production of crowns, dentures, etc. Another function is similar to the 3D model of orthopedics and tumor surgery, that is, it is used to simulate and plan the surgical process, or communicate the surgical process with patients.

In addition, orthodontic appliances produced by 3D printing technology are also applied. Compared with traditional orthodontic appliances, 3D printing transparent orthodontic appliances are not only invisible and beautiful, but also the size is more suitable for the patient's tooth state at each stage during orthodontic treatment. Compared with the traditional method, which needs to rely on the experience of dentists for adjustment, this correction technology has more advantages.

It can be said that digitization has gradually become a core keyword in the development of China's dental industry, and 3D printing technology, as a typical digital manufacturing technology, is destined to be integrated with the digital upgrading process of dental diagnosis and treatment, denture repair and orthodontic product processing.