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Dental 3D printer can save cost and reduce curative cycle in dental industry | Piocreat


Since the popularization of 3D printing to the medical field, 3D printing technology has been greatly displayed in various industries in the medical field, especially in dentistry. For example, we need to go to a dental clinic or hospital for orthodontics, implant teeth or make dentures. Generally, the whole medical cycle takes at least one week. Taking the implanted teeth as an example, a slightly better tooth planting project costs tens of thousands of yuan, and it also takes time to make. That's really expensive and the diagnosis and treatment time is long.
After the automatic adoption of 3D printing technology, many patients find that not only the cost of the whole medical treatment has decreased, but also the whole treatment cycle has been shortened. Although it can not be attributed solely to 3D printing technology, it has to be said that 3D printing technology and digital equipment have greatly changed its treatment cycle and cost in today's dental medicine.
The professional dental 3D printer helps the dental field provide convenient chair side care with low cost and controllable treatment plan.

Because there is no need for molds, the waiting time can be minimized, that is, dentists can scan the patient's mouth with a 3D scanner and import the obtained data into the dental 3D printer for direct printing. The printed patient dental model can be used to customize the diagnosis and treatment scheme more in line with the patient. At the same time, the dental model can also be used to accurately customize the braces, temporary crowns, dentures, etc. in line with the patient's tooth conditions.

  Another important aspect of 3D printing in dentistry is its ease of use in clinics, laboratories or dental clinics. Fast and accurate design and development of solutions is the key to this application, and medical 3D printing is to do this.