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Piocreat:What can particle 3D printers be used for?


Many people may have never heard of or even seen a particle 3D printer, let alone what it can be used for? With the advent of a new product, it is normal to have doubts and confusion. Today we will mainly talk about what exactly can particle 3D printing be used for?

Because of the strong compatibility of consumables, particle 3D printing is also widely used.

1. Molds, such as mold insert prototypes, injection molding mold manufacturing, prototype mold models, etc.;

2. Sculpture, such as rapid prototyping and manufacturing of garden statues in parks and scenic spots;

3. Insoles, shoe factories use 3D printing for product testing and verification;

4. Manufacturing of fixtures and fixtures;

5. Prototypes of parts, such as car steering wheels, lampshades, bumpers, gears, etc.;

6. Toy prototypes, such as airplane models, Lego, etc.;

7. Large and small home appliances, such as the drum of the juicer, the TV structural support and the shell, etc.;

8. In the consumer field, prototype design and production of beverage bottles, laundry detergent bottles, cosmetic bottles, packaging boxes, etc.;

9. Scientific research, particle 3D printing is suitable for different materials, and can be used for material performance testing by scientific research teams;
and many more........

In short, the application of particle 3D printing is very wide, and I will not list them here. Different materials meet different performance requirements, and the future can be said to be promising.