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Piocreat: The role of hot melt nozzles in 3D printers


Among various particle 3D printing technologies, FDM is currently the technology with the highest market share, and its technical products are found in all walks of life and personal hobbies. FDM technology uses hot-melt accumulation molding, that is, wire and particle materials are melted into a liquid state at high temperature, and then extruded to the printing platform through a hot-melt nozzle until it is formed. In the entire FDM3D printing, the hot melt nozzle is a very important part, so why is the hot melt nozzle in your FDM3D printer so important?

In FDM3D printers, the printing accuracy is mainly determined by the caliber of the hot melt nozzle. At present, most of the hot melt nozzles on the market have a diameter of 0.1 to 2.0, and the consumables used are basically 1.75mm and 2.85mm. Then, if you are pursuing printing accuracy, choose a small-caliber hot melt nozzle, and if you need to print quickly, choose a large-caliber hot melt nozzle. If you need a smooth and flat printing surface and don't want too many layers, you can choose a short and thick hot melt nozzle, because the short and thick hot melt nozzle will flatten the silk during the printing process, resulting in a smoother outer wall. ;