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Problems that may occur when the pellet 3D printer is running


Thanks for using Piocreat FGF pellet 3D Printer. When printing there will be some printing issues, including software and hardware Our after-sales team summarized the following common problems and solutions for your reference.

Ⅰ.Problems may have when operating the printer.

  1. Printer encountered an exceptional error “203”;
  2. “Home failed”when click auto home;
  3. “Sensor error”occurs when preheat;
  4. The error range of leveling is over 1mm;
  5. Unable to read files;
  6. Don’t print but can read the SD card;
  7. Print head get stuck or not extrude;
  8. Zaxis movement isn’t smooth or occurs step-missing. 

Ⅱ.Problems may have while printing.

  1. The bottom layers not stick tightly or the edge curls up;
  2. Layer dislocated;
  3. Rough surface;
  4. Layer lost and layer separated;
  5. Out of shape /Model deformed;
  6. Strings heavily.