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After-treatment of white wax jewelry resin


1. Carefully remove the workpiece. When removing the generated block, you can put it on the side for a while to let the resin on the surface flow back into the material tray as much as possible to save material.

2. Shovel the workpiece into a container of isopropyl alcohol. Use ultrasonic cleaning twice for 5 minutes each, the first time with cloudy lcohol.The second time must be clean alcohol.Take it out after completion, shake and shake off the surface isopropyl alcohol slightly. For complex workpieces, you can use an air gun to blow it clean once.

3.Put the cleaned workpiece in the water.(If it is washed very cleanly, there will be no impurities in the water after placing the workpiece.)Then put it into a high-power UV curing box, the recommended duration is 40 min+.

4. Blow-dry (air guns and hot hair dryers available).

Summarize the benefits of such cleaning and the problems that can be avoided:

1). Why do you need to wash it twice?
Because the uncleaned jewelry resin surface has more liquid resin residue. Through two cleanings, most of the resin can be washed off in the first time, and then the residual resin on the surface can be completely removed by the second cleaning. It can ensure that the workpiece is ompletely clean after cleaning, avoiding the oven curing, It avoids some problems caused by uncleaning, such as abnormal bulge, small residues attached to the surface, and hole plugging after the oven is cured.

2). Why UV curing for 40 minutes?
Because the resin is in the process of molding, the first mold will be very soft, and a second curing is required to make the surface harder and also more brittle. Only after secondary curing, the resin template can be fully burned in the high-temperature furnace without residue, and an be used in the lost wax casting of jewelry.