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The difference between Creality R&D LCD integral light source and common use LCD parallel light source


The newly developed LCD integral light source uses the reflection and refraction principles :

The whole screen can be illuminated by a single light , which ensures the intensity of the light source speared evenly on the screen , the uniformity of the light source is over 95% , which makes the accuracy at the same layer is identical ; The function cannot be affected even when one of the lamps is damaged , which ensures the accuracy of every axes at the same level , it enlarged the success rate as well .

Parallel light source :

The UV lamp beads are arranged in a row , and the light uniformity in the splicing area of the printing screen is poor , resulting in a large difference in the printing accuracy within the same printing plane . When the lamp bead decays , it will lead to a high failure rate of the printed model . 

Piocreat DJ89 dental LCD 3d printer uses an integral light source, which is lower in cost than DLP, but has a much higher precision than ordinary light-curing 3d printers on the market.