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Introduction to Common Consumables and Features of 3D Printer PLA


Application characteristics of PLA wire:
It can be used almost at any time, but it is relatively fragile. Avoid using it on objects that need to be bent, twisted or easily fall down repeatedly (such as mobile phone shells, high wear toys or tool handles), which may be deformed when heated at 60 ° C or higher, and avoid using it on objects that need to withstand high temperatures. Because it is polylactic acid, it can be biodegradable. Of course, it is generally recommended to send it to a special treatment center for degradation.

Strength: high
Toughness: low
Durability: Medium
Use difficulty: low

Printing temperature: 180 ° C - 200 ° C
Hot bed temperature: 20 ° C - 60 ° C (or not required)
Shrinkage/warpage: small

Soluble: soluble in ethyl acetate:

1. Environmental friendly and non-toxic, similar to PLA consumables, with good mechanical properties and good toughness;
2. The finished product has a bright surface and silk like luster;
3. Consumables have low shrinkage, uniform surface and stable printing performance;

The strength of PLA is not as high as that of ABS and PETG. After a long time of placement and use, under certain high temperatures, "hot creep" may occur, for example, the corners of square models become rounded.
Application: PLA performs very well in other applications as a whole, and is suitable for printing ordinary objects including models, low wear toys, proofing parts and containers. It can be widely used in large surface models and practical products, such as furniture accessories, decoration, outdoor decoration and other fields.