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Introduction to Common Consumables and Features of 3D Printer - ASA


ASA or acrylonitrile styrene acrylate is copolymerized by styrene, acrylonitrile and acrylate rubber. Technically, ASA not only maintains the main characteristics of ABS, but also combines the advantages of PMMA weather resistance to make the products be used outdoors. ASA is divided into general grade, extrusion grade and heat-resistant grade. It is a thermoplastic that combines mechanical strength, UV resistance and water resistance. It has high dimensional stability and good chemical resistance, making it very suitable for prototype design, outdoor applications and the automotive industry.

Formula process: ASA resin is mainly produced by mixing technology. The main raw materials are ASA powder, AS resin, pigments, antioxidants, internal and external lubricants, etc.

The main equipment is twin-screw extruder, and other supporting equipment also includes high-speed batching machine, automatic weighing feeder, cooling granulator, automatic packaging machine, quality inspection equipment (ester melter, universal testing machine, etc.). When the production reaches a certain scale, the finished product silo is required.

Strength: high
Toughness: medium
Durability: high
Use difficulty: medium

Printing temperature: 250-255 ° C
Hot bed temperature: 80 ° C - 100 ° C
Shrinkage/warpage: large
Soluble: esters, ketones and acetone

Typical application fields of ASA raw materials:
1. Automobile parts, such as exterior mirrors, radiator grilles, rear baffles, lampshades, etc., are exposed to the sun, rain, strong wind and other harsh conditions. It is also used in motorcycle panels, camping cars, small hulls, surfboards and other fields.
2. Horticulture: ASA materials have been proved to be particularly suitable for gardening irrigation equipment and lawn cutting machine shells.
3. In the field of electronics and electrical engineering, it is preferred to be used for the housings of durable equipment, such as sewing machines, telephones, kitchen equipment, satellite antennas and other all-weather housings.