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Introduction to Common Consumables and Features of 3D Printer - TPU


It is a kind of special soft material with certain elasticity. It is also a popular 3D printing wire TPU. In fact, the concept of TPU belongs to TPE. TPE is the general term for plastics with elastic properties.

Intensity: Medium
Toughness: very high
Durability: very high
Difficulty: Low (TPU)
Printing temperature: 210 ° C - 230 ° C
Hot bed temperature: 30 ° C - 60 ° C
Shrinkage/warpage: minimum
Soluble: No

Good printing effect: no warping, no bubble, good printing effect, smooth and delicate, accurate color.
Environmental protection and health: meet higher requirements, non-toxic and non irritating taste, health, safety and environmental protection.

1. High elasticity (95A), high transparency and environmental protection
2. High wear resistance and aging resistance
3. Excellent chemical resistance (water, oil and solvent resistance) and environmental resistance;
4. It has the functions of waterproof, moisture permeability, cold proof, warmth preservation, UV resistance, etc;

Main applications: automobile parts, machinery (industrial parts), various gears, shock proof parts, covers, connectors, rubber plugs, printing cots, etc. Footwear: women's heels, ski boots, safety boots, high-end soles, pipes, hoses, etc.