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Piocreat pellets 3D printer G5 is on sale, leading the new development of high-end intelligent manufacturing


In the process of industry entering 4.0 high-end intelligent manufacturing, 3D printing technology has made great contributions, especially the industrial 3D printing equipment manufacturer with Piocreat as the benchmark has devoted itself to professional and high-end equipment R & D and production. Its products are exported to more than 100 countries around the world and become a well-known 3D printing brand leading the new development of high-end intelligent manufacturing. In order to meet the perfect needs of users for printing speed, accuracy and materials, Piocreat brand insisted on product R & D and upgrading, continued to explore and improve the 3D printer product line, and prompted Piocreat pellets 3D printer G5 to emerge as the times require, which was on sale all over the world on August 31.

As a member of the G series family of Piocreat brand, the particle 3D printer G5 adheres to the excellent gene of Piocreat G series products and integrates technologies such as self-developed screw nozzle extrusion, self-developed high-performance motherboard and self-developed slicing software, especially   "Multi material" adaptability makes market users look forward to it. In addition, whether in terms of price, performance or feedback during the pre-sale period, Piocreat particulate matter 3D printer G5 is enough to become a surprising product, which can fully meet the intellectual manufacturing needs in the fields of education, scientific research, mold, sculpture and so on, and become a new star in the industry of industrial grade 3D printer.

Multi material adaptability

In the working process, it can be applied to a variety of granular materials, which is a highlight of Piocreat pellets 3D printer G5. It supports traditional commercial thermoplastic particles such as PVC, ABS, PC, PA, HDPE, TPU, and even special mixtures such as carbon fiber composites. In addition, users can also add color masterbatch in the printing process, which can not only improve the beauty of the model, but also meet the diversified printing needs of users.

Design of screw extrusion nozzle

It is worth mentioning that the G5 of Piocreat particulate matter 3D printer adopts the design of screw extrusion nozzle to promote the full melting of consumables and ensure the stable and smooth discharge without plug. During operation, the extrusion force is large and the force is uniform, which greatly improves the printing efficiency, enhances the bonding force between printing layers, and makes the printing performance close to that of injection molded parts.

Intelligent induction automatic leveling

As we all know, the most important thing in 3D printing is the effect of the first floor. If the first floor can be well adhered to the printing platform, the later links are similar to laying a good foundation and raising a tall building. On the contrary, printing will fail. In order to achieve this goal, the G5 of Piocreat particulate matter 3D printer adopts an intelligent sensing system, which can realize automatic leveling in the printing process, so that the finished product will not be warped, and the success rate can be effectively improved to 99%.

Powerful high-speed printing

As a perfect product, the G5 of Piocreat particulate matter 3D printer is extraordinary in printing speed. It breaks through the operation speed limitation of general 3D printers, up to 100mm / s. It can not only feel the rapid printing experience in an instant, but also affect the delicacy of the model.

In conclusion, we have reason to believe that with its excellent quality of multi materials, high precision and high speed, Piocreat pellets matter 3D printer G5 will become a new choice for 3D printing for many users, bring users a new experience of industrial grade particulate 3D printing and lead the new development of industrial high-end intelligent manufacturing.

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