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Piocreat: using the leading technology of pellets 3D printer to serve the global industrial intelligent manufacturing


In modern industry, the integrated structure design and manufacturing for additive manufacturing are realized through 3D printing technology, which effectively shortens the manufacturing period and greatly improves the assembly efficiency. As a world-famous 3D printer brand, Piocreat is committed to the R & D, production and manufacturing of industrial 3D printer equipment, and provides corresponding 3D printer support for higher process requirements and additive manufacturing needs of a variety of application scenarios, so that the finished product process is far more exquisite than the general 3D printers on the market, meeting the needs of many users in the field of industrial intelligent manufacturing who pursue perfection.

  Take the G5 of Piocreat pellets 3D printer for example. Its advent fills the market gap of domestic granular material printer and adds new impetus to the field of industrial intelligent manufacturing. This model is developed by the R & D team of Piocreat after more than a year of painstaking research and repeated experiments. It integrates domestic leading technologies, including excellent designs such as multi-material adaptation, screw extrusion nozzle design, intelligent induction automatic leveling, rapid temperature rise and high-speed printing, which together achieve the excellent quality of Piocreat pellets 3D printer G5, Set a new model for 3D printing industry.


  According to the person in charge of R & D of Piocreat, reducing the manufacturing cost is the original intention of the R & D of Piocreat pellets 3D printer G5, because in a period of time, the pellets 3D printer required by domestic users depends on foreign imports. Compared with the price of more than 100000 yuan of foreign granular 3D printer, its market price is about half of that of similar foreign products. Since it was officially launched on August 30, the G5 of Piocreat pellets 3D printer has won the favor of many users in education, scientific research, mold and sculpture industries at home and abroad, consulted and placed orders one after another, and achieved gratifying sales results.

  For a long time, many 3D printers in the market use wire. The emergence of pellets 3D printers has changed the form of material supply, reduced the cost by 5-10 times compared with wire. It can be recycled in the printing process, saved raw materials to the greatest extent, and greatly facilitated users in various intelligent manufacturing industries. Most importantly, Piocreat pellets 3D printer G5 can not only use traditional commercial thermoplastic granular materials such as PVC, ABS, PC, PA, HDPE and TPU as raw materials for printing, but also apply to special mixed materials such as carbon fiber composites. In addition, users can also add color masterbatch in the printing process, which can not only improve the beauty of the model, but also meet the diversified printing needs of users.


  In the face of increasingly sophisticated market demand, the person in charge of R & D of Piocreat said that in the future, it will gradually increase R & D efforts and continue to seek more breakthroughs for higher 3D printing requirements in the fields of education and scientific research, mold manufacturing, industrial design and other intelligent manufacturing, so as to maintain the leading technical advantage of granular 3D printer in China for a long time.