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With the support of digitalization, the current dental industry has become more and more dazzling in the market. With the digital printing, another technology is naturally developing rapidly in the dental industry, which is 3D technology.


  When it comes to 3D printers, the first thing many people think of is 3D replication. Indeed, when 3D printing has not yet begun to cover the dental industry, 3D printing is mostly used in various industrial fields, and due to its unique nature, as long as there is a corresponding digital model, it can be directly printed with a 3D printer. 3D model. This gives 3D printing technology a unique technical advantage in the dental industry.

  The oral data of our human body is very replicated, and the shape and arrangement of teeth of each person are also different. If the dentist only relies on some oral scans and oral probes, he will also customize a diagnosis and treatment plan that fully meets the needs of the patient. The emergence of digitalization is beginning to change this situation. First of all, dentists can use digital scanners or 3D scanners to digitally display all the conditions in the patient's mouth. The dentist can intuitively see all the conditions inside the patient's oral cavity on the computer with professional software. According to the patient's data screen display, a diagnosis and treatment plan that more meets the needs of the patient can be customized.


  At the same time, if you need to customize invisible braces, temporary teeth, cast crowns or implant surgical guides and other highly customized products, you can also use 3D printers to make them. You can also send the scanned data and the adjusted plan to a professional dental processing factory for production. The emergence of 3D printers has greatly improved the efficiency of the dental industry, improved patient satisfaction and diagnosis and treatment effects, and more importantly, greatly reduced the cost of making corresponding dental products, and also allowed patients to spend a lot of money and time on dental inspection.

  Although 3D printers have not been officially used in the dental industry in recent years, there are very few manufacturers that specialize in dental 3D printer equipment in China. Pionext, located in Shenzhen, is a leader in manufacturing professional 3D printers in the field of dentistry. PioNext is a jewellery and dental 3D printer and resin brand owned by Piocreat, and is one of the earliest international manufacturers of 3D printer equipment. Based on independent research and development, independent innovation, product technology completely owns independent intellectual property rights. The company focuses on the research and development, production and sales of 3D printers for advertising characters, jewellery and dentistry, and large-size increase and decrease materials. Relying on years of professional 3D printing R&D and manufacturing technology precipitation, through continuous innovation to provide services for customers in the advertising, jewelry, medical and dental, automobile manufacturing, hand-made molds and other industries.