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At present, the technology of domestic 3D printing equipment manufacturers continues to mature and the equipment has been continuously improved. Today's 3D printers are still used in various industries, from construction, industrial parts, hand mold and other industries to animation, jewelry, dentistry, education and other industries. 3D printing technology makes the development and manufacturing of the industry more simple and convenient.


  Since the industrial revolution, the manufacturing of industrial samples in various industries has always depended on labor, so it is also known as the hand model. Although with the progress of science and technology, the original traditional hand board manufacturing process can be replaced by some mechanical equipment, the overall efficiency and cost do not necessarily decline. Until the emergence of 3D printing technology, the original manufacturing process was changed.

  Then why do various industries attach so much importance to the prototype model? That is because the hand model can intuitively and materialize the design scheme, which is conducive to the verification of the structural characteristics of the design. For example, the design seems to be a perfect product from all angles, but the objects actually produced may be ordinary. Of course, if the design scheme is good in all aspects, but the actual structural characteristics are unreasonable, which often makes it impossible to operate, assemble and demould as expected. Therefore, after the design scheme comes out, the hand model needs to be used for verification. Otherwise, once the produced products or components have problems, it will cause a series of cost problems such as time, labor and materials.

  However, the design scheme of a product has a life cycle, so many manufacturers often require manufacturers to make the hand board as soon as possible when communicating with the hand board mold manufacturers. The traditional hand board production often requires a long production cycle, and the process flow is cumbersome. Therefore, many manufacturers began to look for faster and better hand model making schemes. The emergence of 3D printing technology just meets the needs of all parties.


  3D printing as a new solution. Just export the CAD design to STL format file and transfer it to 3D printer. Some traditional machining can not process complex curved surfaces or abnormal structures, and can realize three-dimensional printing without considering fixtures and professional programming and personnel on duty. Due to the high utilization rate of three-dimensional printing materials, economic benefits and various choices, engineering plastics, resins, metals and even wax molds can be directly used in the production of casting molds.