Piocreat to Unleash the Future of Plastics Manufacturing at NPE 2024

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Orlando, Florida, – Preparing to set new benchmarks in the world of industrial 3D printing, Piocreat announces its participation at the NPE 2024 – The Plastics Show, happening from May 6-10, 2024, in Orlando, Florida. Attendees are invited to experience the future of plastics manufacturing technology at booth S30107B, where Piocreat will present groundbreaking innovations.

NPE 2024

The NPE 2024, known as the largest plastics trade show in the Americas, will sprawl over 1 million net square feet and feature over 2,000 companies. This triennial congregation in Orlando promises a glimpse into the most advanced plastics solutions through its exclusive technology zones.

Piocreat is poised to dominate the exhibit with its stunning roster of industrial 3D printing innovations tailored for the plastics industry. Among the featured products are:

G5Ultra Pellet 3D Printer

A desktop masterpiece designed for precision and efficiency, boasting a printing size of 500x500x400mm. This high-speed industrial production tool leverages low-cost thermoplastic pellets, setting new cost-efficiency standards.

G12 Pellet 3D Printer

Redefining scale in 3D printing, the G12 is a large-format beast with a printing size of 1200x1000x1000mm. It’s engineered to print medium-to-large components with unmatched speed and precision, catering to various industrial demands.

G40 Pellet 3D Printer

The pinnacle of Piocreat’s innovation, the G40, is an additive and CNC subtractive integrated machine boasting an impressive printing size of 3725x2500x1330mm. This industrial colossus combines the best of 3D printing and five-axis CNC machining, providing unparalleled versatility and reliability.

“NPE 2024 promises to be a phenomenal platform where Piocreat will showcase how our latest 3D printing technologies are shaping a new era for the plastics industry,” said Jing Yang, marketing manager of Piocreat. “Each of our showcased models embodies our commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering solutions that boost productivity, creativity, and efficiency for businesses worldwide.”

Do not miss this opportunity to witness the confluence of innovation and industry at the Piocreat booth S30107B during NPE 2024. Discover how Piocreat is pioneering advancements that drive the future of the plastics and 3D printing industries forward.

🌐 Event Details 🌐

📅 Date: May.5 – 10, 2024
📍   Booth : S30107B
📍   Venue: Orlando, Florida

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