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Piocreat:Using plastic waste to 3D printer goods is on the rise


With the continuous improvement of the ability to produce plastic products, a large number of plastic products will be used in human work and life. This also produces a lot of plastic waste. At present, a large amount of plastic waste has entered the natural environment, causing environmental pollution.

Recycling plastic waste is undoubtedly a good solution. However, the economic benefits of this method are not high. For example, using recycled plastics to produce chemical fibers requires adding various chemical agents. It is far less time-saving and labor-saving than directly using raw materials to produce chemical fibers.

PioCreat particle 3D printers allow you to print the most suitable industrial grade parts at the fastest speed. Unlike other printers, we can use not only our own materials, but most materials on the market. Because it is a granular material, it is a good choice in terms of cost and performance.

To this end, many people have begun to try to use 3D printing technology to utilize plastic waste. Because 3D printing does not involve chemical steps, it is simple and fast. PioCreat particle 3D printers are currently trying to 3D print various goods from plastic waste.

In general, 3D printing with recycled plastic waste requires the following steps: 1. Sort the plastic waste according to the type of plastic; 2. Clean it; 3. Crush it into small particles; 4. Start 3D printing.

At present, after unremitting efforts, PioCreat's particle 3D printer can 3D print with different shapes of plastics, such as flakes, granules and filaments. Currently, their 3D printed products are mainly art and furniture. Such as tables, stools, flower pots, etc.
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