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PioCreat delivers a perfect combination of industrial 3D printing, materials and application expertise.

G12 Pellet 3D Printer

Pellet 3D Printer

For a wide range of applications, 3D printing with pellets and shredded recycled plastic is a financial and environmental win-win.

dental 3d printer

Dental 3D Printer

Our dental 3D printer is designed to fulfill the need of dental laboratories, individual dental and orthodontic practices.

Dental Resin

Our dental resins offers robustness, minimal shrinkage, strong biocompatibility, wear resistance, and sturdy mechanical properties.


Bryan Austin

"I recommend this company to anyone looking to buy a 3D printer. They are professional, easy to deal with , and respond to issues that sometimes arise. You will be in good hands with PioCreat."

Aaron Darlow

"This company has been patient, diligent, and responsive to my requests. The 3D printer products I've ordered are of very good quality. The company was a pleasure to work with. I recommend them."

Willem Muller

"Excellent craftsmanship. Simple and effective engineering & Design. Very responsive and respectful group, from sales, to engineering. Finally a 3D printer that works without babysitting it. I highly recommend this company and this machine."


"I'm thoroughly impressed with the supplier's professionalism! They were not only swift and precise but also provided excellent quality resin. The shipping was speedy, making the entire process smooth. It's been an absolute delight working with them!"

Dr. Emily Roberts

"The PioCreat DJ89 PLUS, with hybrid DLP-LCD tech and integrated light, offers precise dental models at 60mm/h, improving lab workflow significantly. It's a reliable, detailed, and efficient investment for any lab looking to enhance quality."

Andrew Bills

"We wholeheartedly endorse PioCreat to all prospective 3D printer buyers. As a distributor, our experience has been exceptional. They demonstrate professionalism, ease of communication, and prompt issue resolution. Choosing PioCreat ensures you're in reliable hands."

Mark Heyer

"The Pellet 3D Printer slashes lead times and costs while printing with recycled plastic for sustainability. Its efficiency and eco-friendly nature make it a crucial asset for those valuing productivity and environmental responsibility."

Marcelo Burcet

Thrilled with my 14K 3D Printer for its exquisite details and flawless prints, thanks to the LCD light source. Paired with Rigid Resin, it delivers stunning results across scenes, achieving a 100% success rate—the best printer-resin combo I've used.

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