Shenzhen PioCreat 3D Technology Co., Ltd.



Industrial-grade 3D printer equipment manufacturer

3D Printing Experience to Meet Your Jewelry Production Needs


Tailored to meet your jewelry production needs, our 3D printing experience guarantees impeccable quality and reliability with each use. It not only minimizes time to market and costs but seamlessly integrates into your standard manufacturing workflows, enabling you to reach unprecedented levels of jewelry design and productivity.

DJ89 Plus 3D printer tailored specifically for jewelry prototyping and manufacturing, compatible with third-party resins material, helping you to print jewelry 3D model in a short time.

No matter you are helping a customer to design a beautiful ring or creating jewelry for your company, DJ89 is a powerful 3D printing equipment to shorten your work process at lower cost. This versatile, rapid, and top-quality jewelry 3D printer sets a new standard in the industry.

Piocreat Jewelry Castable High Wax Resin,Wax content 30%. An easy-to-cast jewelry resin capable of printing smooth, highly detailed designs. With more flexible casting, Castable High Wax Resin ensures casters of all skill levels can produce high quality resin jewelry.


Addressing the unique challenges of each jewelry style, our 3D jewelry manufacturing solutions offer a competitive edge. They deliver the high quality, accuracy, and reliability essential for every design style.
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