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Piocreat: innovative research and development of industrial 3D printers to help make a leap in value in China


Over the years, 3D printing has brought a series of innovations to industrial intelligent manufacturing, effectively stimulated the innovation potential of enterprises in dental medical and jewelry design industries, improved the innovation value, reduced the innovation cost, and formed an obvious competitive advantage of Chinese intelligent manufacturing. As the first company dedicated to the research and development of 3D printing technology for dental medicine and jewelry design, Shenzhen Piocreat 3D
technology is also the first manufacturer to apply LCD technology to 3D printing of dental medicine. It has a number of independent intellectual property rights, strives to minimize the uncertain and inefficient factors in the dental diagnosis and treatment process, and has established industrial grade 3D printers Piocreat, Pionext and other domestic and foreign brands.

  Among them, Pionext focuses on the R & D, production and sales of 3D printers needed in the field of dental medicine, provides high-quality light curing 3D printing equipment and supporting services for users at home and abroad, puts forward targeted 3D printing dental application schemes for dental medicine, covering dental applications in multiple fields such as implantation, orthodontics, fixation and repair, and helps dental clinics With mature technology and high-precision printing effect, the 3D printing digitization process of dental hospitals has rapidly occupied the dental medical 3D printing market at home and abroad, and achieved an annual sales of 1.5 million 3D printers.

  In the process of R & D and design, all 3D models of Pionext follow all designs, start from the actual needs of dental medicine, carry out detailed design around product functionality, and develop a series of professional 3D printers that understand dental medicine better. In particular, paiwei dj89 light curing 3D printer, with the characteristics of convenient operation and accurate model structure, facilitates the communication between doctors and patients through the printed physical model, and has been widely used in the field of dental medicine.

  From the technical point of view, Pionext DJ89 lcd 3D printer adopts a new generation of light source control technology, applies the light reflection integral structure, and realizes accurate light control through the optical principle of reflection + refraction, so as to ensure that the light uniformity of the gradually printed model reaches more than 95%, make the curing of the model more accurate in the molding process, and effectively improve the gloss of the model.

  From the perspective of hardware configuration, Pionext dj89 light curing 3D printer has an 8.9-inch 4K ultra-high definition monochrome screen, 3480 * 2400 high-definition printing pixels, a printing size of 192 * 120 * 100mm, and a minimum printing layer height of only 25 microns. It clearly presents model points, sharp corners and surface details in dental medical orthodontics, repair and other links, providing a guarantee for the effective selection of treatment schemes.

  It is worth mentioning that Pionext uses the bilinear slide rail + ball screw combination structure on the Z axis of the control system, and the XY axis accuracy is 0.05mm, which can realize more stable movement and greatly improve the accuracy, reduce the lamination on the 3D printing model and make the surface smoother. In addition, in terms of motion system, the model is controlled by mute drive module, and the noise during equipment operation is controlled below 50 dB, which meets the mute requirements of dental medical working environment.

  In the aspect of accessory function design, Pionext DJ89 light curing 3D printer adopts a built-in automatic air purification system and uses air-cooled heat drive design to heat and ventilate the light source screen and machine; The temperature of the imaging module is controlled in a low range, which improves the stability of the equipment and ensures the service life of the key components of the printer. Compared with similar products, the printing speed is faster and the service life of the equipment is longer. In addition, by configuring an automatic purification system, activated carbon is used to absorb and filter the peculiar smell generated by the resin during printing, which is conducive to maintaining the comfort of the working environment.

  In the future, with the continuous maturity and development of 3D printing technology, Piocreat will dream of a world-famous brand in the 3D printing industry and recast brilliance for the rise of China's manufacturing industry.
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