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Piocreat:What 3D printing service can a particle 3D printer be used for?


We all know what 3D printers are used for, and after the explosion of 3D printing in various industries in 2016, many pioneers want to participate in this future technology market. Some have established companies that specialize in the development of 3D printing equipment, and some want to become agents to open up the local market. But no matter what it is, the future of 3D printing assets will become larger and larger. PioCreat's G5 pellet hot-melt 3D printer pellet hot-melt technology-G5 industrial-grade 3D printer.

  The best service of particle 3D printer service is prototype mould processing service. In practice, the earliest beginning of 3D printing in the manufacturing industry is to manufacture prototypes. The prototype is what we usually say, the sample used for testing before the product is officially finalized. Because when the conservative CNC manufacturing is manufacturing prototypes, some too complicated structures are difficult to manufacture, and the data and labor costs are too high, so many manufacturers have turned their attention to 3D printing. Because of the advantages of 3D printing, no matter it is a variety of complicated structures, it can be manufactured, and it also saves most of the labor and material costs. Therefore, it is very popular among manufacturers in the prototype manufacturing industry. At present, the main industrial design companies, mold companies, toy factories, electrical appliances factories, etc. that use 3D printing to manufacture prototypes are the main ones. If the pioneer purchases a 3D printer to become a 3D printing service provider, it can develop into this industry.

   Next is the portrait sculpture. As a good 3D printer, it can create a perfect full-scale portrait or even a full-length portrait with a strong copy function. The normal service only requires scanning and modeling to start printing and manufacturing. For example, some photo studios began to use 3D printers to provide customers with 3D portrait services for wedding dresses, and to record the sweet situation of the new couple in 3D.

   The manufacturing area of ​​particle 3D printers is very wide, involving the construction of sand tables, aviation, automobiles, toys, graduation ideas, sculptures, etc. With 3D printing technology, 3D printing has a very large space for completion, and the tools printed by end users are strange, wine bottles, water bottles, real estate molds, cars, and so on. Of course, all of the above are the rarest 3D printing services in our daily life, as well as the manufacturing of shoe molds, industrial parts, batch printing of small items, and so on. But all 3D printing services are based on having a good 3D printer, and G5 uses screw extrusion and pellet consumables, which are much more expensive than ordinary FDM printing in terms of data cost and efficiency.