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Piocreat appeared at South China Dental Exhibition with light curing 3D printer, enabling new development of dental applications


On May 10, the 26th South China International oral medical equipment exhibition 2021 was held in area C of China Import and export commodities trading exhibition hall, Haizhu District, Guangzhou. After his wonderful appearance in Chengdu Dental Exhibition, Piocreat came to Huacheng Guangzhou again with a special dental 3D printer for dentistry to display new technologies and products of dental 3D printing and enable the development and application of dental digitization.

In this exhibition, dj89 and d133 series dental special light curing 3D printers, which are not independently developed by Pai, are unveiled. With large-size 4K black-and-white screen and new integral light source design, the light uniformity reaches 95% and the molding accuracy is higher. Bilinear guide rail and ball screw design, more stable operation, higher positioning accuracy and double printing efficiency. Unique automatic air purification system, more environmental protection and safety. In general, it has become the most eye-catching dental 3D printing product in the whole exhibition, both in appearance and performance.

The development of digitalization and intelligence in the field of Stomatology has become an inevitable trend. The phenomenon of de gypsum is becoming more and more obvious in processing plants. 3D printing has obvious application advantages in the dental industry. It has been comprehensively superior to the traditional technology in terms of cost, efficiency and labor quantity. Advanced thinking denture processing enterprises have already adopted 3D scanning and 3D printing technology to upgrade their dental production process. Piocreat light curing 3D printing is changing the processing mode of Dentistry, driving the transformation from traditional manufacturing to digitization, and redefining the solution in the field of dental application.

The accuracy of the model directly affects the user's experience. The light curing 3D printer can realize personalized, high-efficiency, high-precision and large format printing, and can meet the mass production of restorative dental molds and implant dental molds. The development of 3D printing technology has experienced the application of inkjet, SLA, LCD, DLP and other technologies. It has been proved that LCD and DLP technology can better meet the needs of major factories for high-precision dental molds because of their high-precision printing and molding.

3D printing is widely used in the field of Stomatology, such as orthodontic dental molds, restorative dental molds, denture bases, cast crowns, temporary crowns and bridges, trial wearing models, simulated soft gums, steel brackets for cast partial dentures, occlusal splints or night protective braces, Holly retainers, customized trays, teaching models, etc.

Four core advantages of Piocreat UV curing 3D printer:
1. Using the self-developed integral light source, the imaging is more uniform and clearer, and the printing accuracy is higher.
2. Adopt 8.9-inch / 13.3-inch super large format printing size to break through the bottleneck of traditional printing.
3. Applied to planting and repairing models, the printing is consistent, the stability is up to 90%, the full-automatic working mode, and the operation and maintenance are simple.
4. 4K black-and-white screen with high precision resolution makes the surface of the printing model more smooth and delicate.

The application of digital 3D printing technology in the field of Stomatology has promoted the rapid development of dental medicine. It is an important link in the development of digital oral manufacturing. The scientific and aesthetic concepts carried by oral digitization are being accepted by professionals in the industry step by step. The changes brought to the oral field by the convenience and personalized innovation of 3D printing technology are worth looking forward to!