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D128 6K Dental LCD 3D Printer
D128 6K Dental LCD 3D Printer

D128 6K Dental LCD 3D Printer
D128 6K Dental LCD 3D Printer
Elevate your 3D printing capabilities to new heights with our LCD Resin 3D Printer. Engineered to meet the demands of dental professionals, Experience precision, speed, and versatility like never before.
Product Parameter
 6K 12.8" monochrome LCD screen (5448*3060 pixels)
Touch screen
5" touch screen
Build volume
Print speed
Print layer thickness
Lifting speed
Machine size
Supporting resin
Ordinary rigid photosensitive resin; standard resin; elastic resin; high hardness and high toughness resin; biocompatible resin; casting wax resin; dental mold resin
Product Features
Select LCD integrated light source 3D printerDesigned for Dental Applications
  • Ortho Model
    Invisible aligners, trial models, and others dental and medical applications.
  • Surgical Guide
    Dental implant surgical guides and medical applications.
  • Dental Casting
    Castable dental crown & bridge, skeleton and others dental and medical casting applications.
  • Temporary Restoration
    Temporary crowns/stealth models, trial models in several dental and medical applications.

To meet your different creative needs, the first choice for cost-effective dental applications

Integrating Light Source
The uniformity of the light source is over 95%,
which makes the accuracy at the same layer is identical

PioNext offers resins for a variety of application types
Senior chemical experts formulate special resin for dentistry,
and the color can be customized.

Independent research and development of slicing software
Insight into user experience, easy operation without threshold,
custom command parameters

Introduction to the printing processSimple operation, easy to get started
Dental LCD integral light source 3D printer applicationFocus on the dental industry, provide one-stop solutions for dental applications, including the R&D and production of resin materials and light-curing intelligent equipment in the entire industry chain, based on dental industry applications, and serve the world.
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