3D Printing for Manufacturing

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Additive manufacturing technology allows manufacturers to update and improve their production processes. By incorporating 3D printing and new manufacturing techniques into their workflow, it helps to lower investment and component costs, boost efficiency on the production line, and remain ahead in facing industry challenges.

Save Time and Cut Costs With Advanced Production

Streamline Manufacturing Processes

Design with Freedom

Low-Volume Production

Rapid Prototyping

Jigs & Fixtures

FGF printing technology offers quick and cost-effective solutions for tool production and manufacturing. Utilizing 3D printing for jigs and fixtures helps alleviate backlogs in in-house machine shops and serves as an excellent interim tooling solution.

This approach enables the production of assembly and machining fixtures in just a quarter of the time and at half the cost compared to traditional machining methods.

Mold Tooling

From employing vacuum forming to utilizing composite molds, pellet 3D printing offers a quick, cost-effective, and robust method for tooling. Our technology permits manufacturers to produce cost-efficient, custom injection molds using 3D-printed tooling.

This allows designers and engineers to conduct more frequent and precise tests of their product,speeding up the product development cycle.

Manufacturing Validation

Transform your ideas into reality efficiently by testing and refining manufacturing with prototypes. Utilize them for presenting concepts, showcasing new techniques, or training staff affordably.

Our advanced 3D printing technology enables rapid prototyping, facilitating direct feedback and swift design iterations. This leads to enhanced innovation and a superior final product through effective demonstration and improved usability.

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