3D printer PETG and TPU filament with high purity, no bubbles, no jamming, no warping, melts well, feeds smoothly, and has an outstanding 3D printing appearance. 100% no tangle, machine auto wind, fixed hole steady, perfectly compatible for FDM 3D printer.

PETG Filament

Opaque/Translucent White

Opaque/Translucent Silver

Opaque/Translucent Black

Opaque/Translucent Yellow

Translucent Green

Translucent Blue

Translucent Light Orange

Translucent Sky blue

Translucent Sky Blue

Translucent Red

TPU Filament

Opaque/Translucent White

Channel Letter 3D Printing Solution

Compared with the traditional production process of advertising characters using 3D printing to make advertising characters is convenient, fast, low and rich in effects, which can maximize your creativity and ideas.
Channel Letter 3D Printer
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