3D Printer for Dental & Jewelry

Discover how the PioCreat Professional Resin 3D Printer, featuring advanced LCD and DLP technology, refines production processes in the dental and jewelry industries, significantly enhancing both efficiency and productivity.

DJ89PLUS LCD printer


8K 10.3" LCD 3D Printer

Top cost-effective resin 3D Printer for dental and jewelry industries with 8K 10.3″ LCD for unmatched print clarity and detail.

D158 DLP printer


Texas Instruments Technology

The D158 is a compact DLP 3D printer for dentistry, offering precision and reliability with features that simplify printing for dental labs, orthodontics, and practices.

D150 DLP printer


Fastest DLP 3D Printer

D150 excels in dentistry and more with unmatched productivity, adjustable light intensity: 6000-20000uw/cm2, ensuring quick, high-quality prints for professionals.

D190 DLP printer


4K DLP 3D printer

The D190 3D Printer offers high-precision 4K DLP tech for detailed prints, ideal for intricate dental models, temporary crowns, surgical guides, and orthodontic models.

D160 DLP printer


Simple Structure for Easy Operation

The D160 DLP 3D Printer, ideal for dental professionals, offers high quality in a compact, easy-to-use design with minimal upkeep, perfect for both experienced and novice users.

D136 LCD printer


7K 13.6" LCD 3D printer

PioCreat’s largest LCD 3D Printer excels in producing dental prosthetics, intricate jewelry, and industrial parts with high precision, meeting diverse application requirements. 

Biocompatible Dental Resin Materials

A portfolio of state-of-the-art dental resins to create products characterized by their robustness, minimal shrinkage, strong biocompatibility, and resistance to wear.


Certainly! Our advanced 3D printers are designed to work seamlessly with an extensive variety of third-party resins, ensuring high performance and compatibility.
  • DLP optical machine boasts an extensive lifespan, with operational capabilities of up to 20,000 hours.
  • DLP utilization of a cold light source minimizes susceptibility to ambient temperature fluctuations, thus ensuring remarkable stability.
  • DLP technology achieves light uniformity exceeding 95%, with high precision in matching accuracy.
  • DLP strong light intensity significantly reduces printing times.
  • LCD has high resolution and can achieve higher printing accuracy.
  • For large components, LCD is a better choice than SLA.
The FEP film typically requires replacement after approximately 20 print cycles. As for the LCD screen, under normal usage conditions, it is generally recommended to replace it every three months.

A – Distinctive Light Source Configuration:

  • Competitors use a parallel light source, achieving 75% light uniformity.
  • PioCreat features an integral light source, resulting in 90% light uniformity.


B – Enhanced Z-Axis Stability:

  • Competitors utilize a single rail for the Z-axis.
  • PioCreat employs a dual linear rail paired with a ball screw, ensuring a more stable Z-axis.
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