3D Printing for Education

Scientific research and development I School teaching application I Off-campus training


Schools and research bodies lead in new technologies, with 3D printing being prominent. This technology enhances academic research and creativity, allowing students and scholars to turn ideas into reality. 3D printing opens vast innovative opportunities in higher education. PioCreat is a key resource for universities, colleges, and schools seeking 3D printing solutions.

Unlock the Potential of 3D Printing in Educational Research

Design with freedom

Enriched learning

Preparing for the future

Innovation - thinking out of the box

Scientific Research and Development

3D printing technology is also mostly used in scientific research in major universities, thrives due to its operational convenience.

This technology aligns well with the university research environment, offering students ease of use and significantly enhancing the efficiency and speed from design through production to realization of achievements.

School Teaching Application

Numerous schools are emphasizing the development of knowledge and skills, with 3D printing playing a crucial role in blending theoretical knowledge with practical applications.

This technology not only improves students’ understanding but also enhances their manual dexterity and teamwork skills through design, printing, and assembly activities, highlighting its significant impact on quality education.

Off Campus Training

Currently, extracurricular learning is gaining popularity, with educational institutions from primary to tertiary level promoting engaging courses and initiatives.

3D printing, with its appeal and practical application, fits perfectly into such programs, enhancing student engagement, improving community bonds, and offering hands-on technology experience.

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