3D printing for Automotive

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Additive technology advances the full range of automotive development, from concept to final production. Its adoption in the sector allows for a faster transition from design to production, enhancing manufacturing efficiency. Our commitment is to boost your productivity, cut costs, and create innovative designs that improve performance and meet client demands.

Opportunities for Additive Manufacturing in the Automotive Sector

Accelerating Vehicle Development

Fast Tracking Ideas Into Production

Fewer Development Costs

Design with Freedom


From faster prototyping to better support tooling to economical customization and production, additive technology offers time and cost efficiencies while getting products to market faster.

Validate ideas faster to arrive at the optimal design before investing in expensive production tooling.


Employing FGF (Fused Granulate Fabrication) printing technology significantly accelerates mold creation, bolstering the composite tooling process. Embrace unparalleled design freedom and innovation, fabricating complex parts swiftly and cost-effectively.

Transform your automotive manufacturing strategy with 3D printing’s rapid, versatile solutions.

Production Parts

3D printed automotive components offer an ideal way for cost-efficient customization and production as needed. Without the need for production tooling, 3D printing allows you to overcome usual limitations, enabling rapid development and production of car parts.

It eliminates the need for holding inventory, reducing expenses related to storage and long lead times; 3D printing excels in customization, making the production of intricate parts more economical.

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