3D Printer for Consumer

Our 14K LCD 3D Printer, ideal for hobbyists to professionals, offers an easy, fast 3D printing experience. Bring imaginative ideas to life with exceptional detail, making it perfect for creating multiple scenes and surprises.


14K LCD 3D printer, Dual Linear Rails + ball screw

The C01 3D printer significantly boosts 3D printing with faster speeds and detailed models, featuring a 10.1-inch HD monochrome LCD with an impressive 14K resolution.


14K LCD 3D printer,air purification system

Whether you’re exploring multiple scenes or looking for surprises in your designs, the CO2 empowers you to express your creativity freely. Transform your wonderful ideas to reality.

Wide Variety of General Resins for All Your 3D Printing Needs

Craft or fabricate anything from game miniatures to industrial parts with Piocreat’s versatile resins. Unleash your imagination and innovate by starting your printing journey today!


3D printing using resin can initially appear daunting, yet it becomes more manageable with some upfront preparation compared to filament printing. Resin 3D printers generally offer a plug-and-play experience, necessitating minimal setup effort on your part to get started. This simplicity renders resin 3D printing quite accessible for beginners.

Consumer 3D printers, especially those designed for beginners, come in a wide range of prices to suit various budgets and objectives. Nowadays, entry-level 3D printers are becoming more and more accessible in terms of cost.
For those interested in crafting miniatures, we suggest opting for a resin 3D printer, which tends to offer superior print quality for these types of models. PioCreat is a particularly cost-effective choice for miniatures, providing excellent print quality without breaking the bank.

Resin 3D printers are generally straightforward to use, particularly when compared with FDM printers. They are simple to set up, often come fully assembled, and create prints by using a UV light source to selectively harden layers of a photosensitive resin through an LCD mask.

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