Recycled Plastic Scraps Can Be Used For 3D Printing

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FGF Pellet 3D printing is the next evolution in 3D printing technology. These dirrect-drive pellet extrusion-based printers can print using virgin or recycled pellets, flakes, or regrind materials, bringing us closer to the dream of a circular econdmy.

G5 Ultra 3D printer promotes sustainability through its granules/pellets-based open material system, enabling the use of recycled and eco-friendly materials, reducing waste, and championing circular economy principles, empowering businesses to make environmentally responsible choices for a more sustainable future.

Pellets are less energy intensive to produce, easier to transport in bulk (meaning lower transport emissions), and don’t come in wasteful plastic spools. In addition, there are many recycled pellets on the market, and if you have the means to shred your own plastics, you can also recycle your own waste into feedstock.

In this case, we’re using PLA recycled material, a reusable and degradable eco-friendly material. But the potential of G5 Ultra isn’t limited to this, It can print a variety of recycled materials. With its ability to heat up to 400°C, the G5 Ultra Pellet 3D Printer excels in processing a wide range of thermoplastics and composites. This flexibility allows for experimenting with various pellets, including PA-CF, PA-GF, PC-CF, PLA, rPLA, PETG-GF, ABS, PS, GPPS, PP-GF, and more.

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