UV02 UV Curing Machine


The UV02, a top post-processing tool for the dental industry, enhances 3D resin printing by solidifying and upgrading dental models’ mechanical properties. Its precise UV exposure, vital for completing the 3D printing process, is specially designed for professional dental resins, offering controlled light for perfect curing in just 1-5 minutes.

Key Features

Fast Curing

Adjustable Light Intensity

Customizable Wavelength Options

Programmable Cure Settings

Fast Curing

Designed specifically for dental professionals, the UV02 isn’t just a UV curing chamber—it’s key in turning 3D printed objects into final dental creations. Its fast curing technology transforms dental models in 1-5 minutes, solidifying resin and minimizing distortion risk from post-cure heat reactions.

Adjustable Light Intensity

The UV02 features adjustable light power, allowing control from 5% to 100% intensity. This ensures precise curing for different professional dental resins, enabling perfect solidification by meeting specific requirements with exact exposure.

Customizable Wavelength Options

Equipped with a powerful 57 Stepper motor, the D190 demonstrates strong Z-axis lifting power, continuously delivering the force required for seamless printing operations. This robust motor ensures smooth, continuous output, and superior lifting capabilities, which translates to more accurate layers and a superior finish on your dental applications.

Programmable Cure Settings

The UV02 boasts user-friendly features, including presets and customizable cure settings. It allows saving eight data groups, enabling dental professionals to easily choose the ideal curing profile for repeated tasks or new resin experiments. This streamlines workflow and enhances production efficiency and consistency.

Why Choose Our UV Curing Machine?


Specially designed for professional dental resins, offering controlled light for perfect curing in just 1-5 minutes.


PioCreat's products incur lower ownership costs, producing more items with less material compared to competitors.


Engineered for simplicity, our products ensures easy setup, effortless use, and minimal maintenance, ideal for both experts and 3D printing novices.

UV02 UV Curing Machine Parameters
Machine propertiesHigh speed UV curing
Curing size D180xH120mm
Machine Size330×300×695mm
Machine colorWhite / Gray
Rated Power330W
Input Voltage100-120V~/200-240V~,50-60Hz
Adjustable light intensity ratio5-100%
Curing optional time00:01 - 30:00(Max.30min)
Way to Control Touch Control, LED Display
UV Lamp Wavelength365nm/385nm/405nm
Warranty12 months manufacturer's warranty
Technical Support:Unlimited lifetime technical support

Application Areas

Biocompatible Dental Resin Materials

A portfolio of state-of-the-art dental resins to create products characterized by their robustness, minimal shrinkage, strong biocompatibility, and resistance to wear.

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