CW01 Washing Curing


The CW01 design combines a washing and curing machine into one, featuring an ample 200mm x 260mm curing area. This device stands out by integrating the cleaning, curing, and even air-drying stages into a cohesive, user-friendly experience. With its adjustable speed and time settings, every user can tailor the process to fit their specific needs, ensuring optimal results every time. Whether you’re a professional looking to enhance your production quality or a hobbyist aiming for perfection in your projects, the CW01 is designed to elevate your 3D printing experience to new heights.

Key Features

360° Curing Rotating Platform

Upgraded Lens UV Lamp Beads

Stronger Cleaning Power

Large Capacity Cleaning Basket

360° Curing Rotating Platform

The CW01 boasts a spacious 200mm×260mm curing area, accompanied by a 360° rotating platform. This ensures even and efficient curing from all angles. Its mirror-reflective design enhances the curing speed, and its compatibility with all light-curing 3D printers up to 10.1 inches ensures it’s a fit for a wide array of users.

Upgraded Lens UV lamp beads

This machine elevates post-processing with a unique feature set. Its self-made screw extrusion system ensures powerful, evenly distributed extrusion. Dual-wavelength UV (385/405nm) beads guarantee thorough curing. An ultra-large, high-speed whirlpool effectively cleans off excess resin, and an air-drying feature ensures models are display-ready immediately.

Stronger Cleaning Power

Boasting a highly vigorous cleaning power, the CW01 ensures ultra-high speed, a whirlpool cleaning mechanism powerful enough to distribute consistent, effective cleaning through every tiny detail of your model. Heighten your operations efficiency with a stronger, faster cleaning.

Large Capacity Cleaning Basket

Space is simply no issue with the CW01—accommodate sizable pieces with ease. Its large-capacity cleaning basket size of 240x160x200mm caters for wide range of model sizes. Offering a clear-cut superiority when it comes to operation and capacity.

Why Choose Our Wash and Curing Machine?


With CW01 adjustable speed and time settings, every user can tailor the process to fit their specific needs, ensuring optimal results every time.


PioCreat's products incur lower ownership costs, producing more items with less material compared to competitors.


Engineered for simplicity, our products ensures easy setup, effortless use, and minimal maintenance, ideal for both experts and 3D printing novices.

CW01 Wash and Curing Machine Parameters
Machine propertiesWashing/Curing + air drying
Curing sizeФ200 x 260mm
Cleaning size240x160x200mm
Machine Size280 x 230 x 372mm
Curing time5~30 min
Washing time5~30 min
Rated Power60W
Box typeFully enclosed
Washing barrel materialPP
Curing platform materialMirror stainless steel
Light curing wavelength385nm&405nm
Warranty12 months manufacturer's warranty
Technical Support:Unlimited lifetime technical support

Application Areas

General Resin Materials

PioCreat provides various 3D printer resins, perfect for creating both miniature and anime figures. Designed to meet the demands of all applications, our resins ensure quality and detail in each print.

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