PioCreat Celebrates Triumph at NPE: The Plastics Show 2024

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We are excited to announce that Piocreat successfully marked its presence at NPE: The Plastics Show 2024 held from May 6th to May 10th in Orlando, Florida. During this seminal event, which garners attention from top industry professionals across the Americas and is hosted by PLASTICS, Piocreat proudly showcased our groundbreaking solutions in 3D printing at booth S30107B.

NPE The Plastics Show 2024

Highlighting our commitment to sustainability and innovation, we featured our “Pellet 3D Printing Solution“, an industry-changing technology that utilizes both pellets and shredded recycled plastics. This approach not only champions eco-friendly production but also significantly reduces material costs, providing a greener and more economical alternative in additive manufacturing.

Additionally, the spotlight shone bright on the G5 Ultra Pellet 3D Printer, a masterpiece of our innovative spirit. The G5 Ultra is ingeniously designed to handle an extensive array of thermoplastic pellet types, propelling limitless creation possibilities. The printer offers an efficient, low-cost production solution that caters to a variety of industrial needs, setting new standards in the field of 3D printing.

The exhibition was a magnificent platform for sharing insights, networking with industry leaders, and uncovering new paths in the tech-driven world of plastics. Piocreat’s presence at NPE 2024 underscores our ongoing mission to lead with technology that not only meets current industry demands but also foresees and shapes future trends.

Piocreat’s presence at NPE 2024

Thank you to everyone who joined us at NPE: The Plastics Show 2024 in Orlando. Your support fuels our dedication to redefine possibilities in the world of additive manufacturing. Stay tuned for further innovation as we continue on our journey of transforming ideas into reality.

For more information, visit our website www.piocreat.com.

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