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  • Jewelry LCD 3D Printer DJ89 - Pionext - Piocreat3D
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  • Jewelry LCD 3D Printer DJ89 - Pionext - Piocreat3D
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Jewelry LCD 3D Printer DJ89 - Pionext - Piocreat3D
DJ89, Best 3D printer for Jewelry making, compatible with resin material, helping you to print jewelry 3D model in a short time. No matter you are helping a customer to design a beautiful ring or creating jewelry for your company, DJ89 is a powerful 3D printing equipment to shorten your work process at lower cost.
Product ParameterSupport system: Windows7/8/10 X64,MAC,OS
File format: STL,OBJ,
Input voltage: 100-240V
Light source power: 10W
Display: 8.9-inch 4K ultra-high-definition monochrome screen (3840*2400 pixels)
Resolution: 4K ultra-long life screen (3840*2400 pixels)
Touch screen:  5 inch color screen
Drive motor: NEMA23 stepper motor
Connection method: USB,WIFI
Safety standards: UL/ FCC/ CE/ ROHS/ PSE
Printing size: 192*120*100mm
XY axis accuracy: 47 µm
Print speed: 2-5s/layer, 60mm/h
Print layer thickness: 0.01-0.2mm
Anti-aliasing: 8 times anti-aliasing
Support consumable types: 405nm wavelength photosensitive resin, compatible with third-party resins
LCD screen life: 2000 hours
Machine size: 432*292*456mm
Weight: 20 KG
Package size: 505*355*515 mm
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    At present, there are two technologies that define the production of the jewelry industry: handmade and lost wax casting. Both of these technologies require a lot of technical expertise and are very time-consuming, and may be costly due to errors in the production process.However, with the development of science and technology, digital design and 3D printing are ready to subvert the tradition with more advanced manufacturing processes. Complementing traditional processes with digital technology brings new possibilities for jewelers in design and production, and exciting new customization options for customers. In the traditional lost wax casting, jewelry designers manually carve the original pattern with wax, burn the wax mold in the mold, and then pour precious metals such as gold or silver into the mold cavity to make the casting. In order to achieve its final appearance, the designer polished and finished the casting to make it shine. Now, jewelers only need to create designs di...
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    As a 3D printing technology that has been applied in the jewelry industry for more than 10 years, what advantages does it have to make the jewelry industry favor this technology so much? Now let's take stock of the advantages of jewelry 3D printers over traditional manufacturing in the jewelry industry:First, shorten the production cycle and quickly respond to the marketThe traditional jewelry manufacturing industry responds slowly to market changes. The supply chain generally takes 5 ~ 10 months to respond to the market heat. The hot search explosion point of the Internet is fleeting. Using the big data and 3D lightweight browsing technology, customers can place orders through the online customization platform system, establish a 3D model, modify the data deviation in real time, and confirm the rendering effect, The use of 3D printing technology for rapid production and listing has truly realized zero inventory sales. Second, greatly improve the intelligent production level of the...
  • FDM and LCD 3D printers, which is more suitable for jewelry?
    First of all, fdm3d printer is a desktop printer, while LCD 3D printer is an industry application printer. There are great differences in forming principle. Fdm3d printing is melt forming, and LCD 3D printing is light curing forming. Therefore, LCD 3D printer is much better than FDM in the accuracy of printed products. LCD light curing 3D printing is not affected by complexity, printing speed is fast, and jewelry design can greatly improve innovation, Jewelry is more concerned about details, so LCD light curing 3D printer is more suitable for jewelry. In the process of making LCD light curing 3D printing, after the machine prints out the jewelry wax mold, the workers wash the wax, build trees, cast, polish and polish, and finally form the finished product. The plate is made manually, which needs to go through complex processes such as sawing, filing, polishing and polishing. At present, for ordinary rings and pendants, it takes a day for craftsmen to make a wax plate, while complex...
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    The solution of jewelry digital batch production workshop is based on the long-term research and practice of various jewelry production processes, deeply combined with the light curing 3D printing technology, and facing the mass proofing of jewelry studio and the mass production scene of jewelry factory, which realizes the efficient and modelless batch production from designing 3D data to casting wax mold. Reduce the average delivery time from 12 days to 5 days, reduce the comprehensive cost by 30% on average, and ensure the stability and consistency of quality. Successfully assisted a large number of jewelry production practitioners at home and abroad, effectively improved the production capacity and profit level, and helped the digital and intelligent transformation of the jewelry processing industry. Production process flow:Provide standardized design and production process flow from model data to final casting wax mold. Core functions:No mold manufacturing, save mold opening,...