TP 450

TP 450 offers an easy-to-use 3D printing solution for custom-made insoles, integrating materials, hardware, and software effectively. This system allows precise, affordable orthotic insole production with reduced costs and labor. Ideal for podiatrists and orthopedic shoe technologists, it enhances turnaround times and customer comfort, streamlining in-house custom orthotic production.

Key Features

Special nozzle

Independent dual nozzles

Hidden industrial electronic control system

Special Nozzle

The TP 450 is equipped with a uniquely developed proximal elfextrusion nozzle structure designed specifically for flexible materials. This innovation ensures more stable material extrusion.

Independent Dual Nozzles

 Featuring two independent nozzles, the TP 450 offers advanced printing capabilities including copy and mirror printing, enhancing versatility and efficiency

Hidden Industrial Electronic Control System

The hidden electronic control system increases operational safety and reliability, providing users with a secure and stable printing experience.

TP450 FDM 3D Printer Parameters
Molding technologyFDM
Print size 450×450×45mm
Printing speed 30-80mm/s(TPR/TPU) | 50-150mm/s(PLA)
Printing accuracy100土0.1mm
Layer thickness0.1-0.4mm
Filament diameter1.75mm
Number of nozzles2
Nozzle diameter0.4mm( optional)
Nozzle temperature≤260°C
Rated power350W
File formatSTL, OBJ, Gcode
Connection methodUSB disk, WIFI
Slicing softwarePlocreat_slicer
Operating systemWIN, MAC, Linux
Machine size895×835×680mm
Package Size976×800×568mm
Warranty12 months manufacturer's warranty
Technical Support:Unlimited lifetime technical support

Application Areas

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