MS 01

The MS 01 High-Temperature Pellet 3D Printer customizes healthcare solutions, notably spinal orthotics for scoliosis. It tailors orthotics to individual needs, ensuring optimal support and comfort. Perfect for professional settings demanding precision and efficiency, this 3D printer revolutionizes customization in healthcare, making personalized care more attainable.

Key Features

Fully enclosed chassis

Industrial Grade Nozzle Kit

Large printing size

Material break detection

Fully Enclosed Chassis

This feature ensures a constant temperature working environment, crucial for achieving superior molding effects. It helps maintain stable conditions for high-temperature materials, ensuring consistent print quality throughout long operations.

Industrial Grade Nozzle Kit

Equipped with a robust nozzle that supports temperatures up to 400°C, this printer can handle a vast range of materials, from standard filaments to advanced composites, facilitating diverse project requirements.

Large Printing Size

The generous build volume of 500×500×650mm allows for large-scale projects, ranging from bulky prototypes to substantial production parts, expanding the realms of possibility in 3D printing.

Material Break Detection

An intelligent feature that ensures continuous printing by detecting material breaks. This feature allows for the addition of pellets mid-print without interruption, significantly enhancing productivity and reducing downtime.

MS 01 FGF Fully Enclosed 3D Printer Parameters
Moldingt echnologyFGF
Print size500×500×650mm
Print layer thickness0.5-1.5mm
Printing accuracy100土0.1mm
Printing materialHigh temperature composite materials
Nozzle temperature≤400°C
Heating bed temperature≤110°C
Number of nozzles1
Nozzle diameter1.0mm(2.0,3.0,4.0mm optional)
Particle diameter2-5mm
Discharging mechanismScrew extruder
Slicing softwarePlocreat slicer
Rated power4200W
Power requirements100-120V~,200-240V~,50/60Hz
Warranty12 months manufacturer's warranty
Technical Support:Unlimited lifetime technical support

Application Areas

Customized Spine Orthosis

Three-dimensional scanning completely avoids the shape-taking errors caused by traditional plaster negative and positive molds, captures a high-precision three-dimenonal data model of the human body, and perfectly matches the X-ray film.


Customization for improved comfort and compliance

Slim Fit

3D printing integrated molding, high plasticity, providing good correction effect.

Super Cool

Full-body breathable design, 50% hole design,Breathable and comfortable

Light Weight

Improved Cheneau brace, with partially unequal thickness design, the thickness is reduced by 20%,and the average weight is only about 530g.

Custom Design

Customized hole patterns Customized signature

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