FS B002

The FS B002 3D smart foot scanner captures detailed foot anatomy for custom insoles and shoes, ensuring a perfect fit. This advanced technology provides a detailed 3D model and scanning report, facilitating quick and precise data collection. Its applications include personalized shoe customization, AI-driven foot health solutions, 3D-printed insoles, orthotic designs, and foot correction rehabilitation strategies.

Key Features






The FS B002 boasts millimeter-level accuracy through its use of state-of-the-art 3D infrared structured light technology, ensuring exceptional detail in foot scans. Whether you are in medical practice, orthopedics, shoe retail, or any other field requiring precise foot measurements, the foot scanner delivers accuracy data to meet your needs.


Experience unparalleled speed with the FS B002, capable of completing scans in just 1 second. Full diagnostic reports are generated in a mere 5 seconds, saving valuable time in busy environments.

Comprehensive Data Collection

The scanner captures over 30 different foot measurement items, producing a true 1:1 scale 3D model. Key diagnostic points include foot length, width, toe and metatarsal circumference, ankle and heel measurements, and multiple angles and indices relevant for a holistic analysis.

Safety and Convenience

With non-contact scanning technology, the FS B002 ensures a safe, stable, and harmless process. Its design is user-friendly and supports external screen display terminals for an enhanced and convenient user experience.
3D Smart Foot Scanner FS B002 Parameters
Scan speed 1 second
Number of point clouds2 million
Point cloud density28points/cm
Measuring range400mm (L)×400mm(W)×150mm(H)
Suitable foot length5cm-30cm
Equipment size700mm((L) x 700mml(W) x 460mm(H)
Coverage area0.49rm
Power supplyAC 100-240V50/60Hz
Warranty12 months manufacturer's warranty
Technical Support:Unlimited lifetime technical support

Application Areas

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