MG 01

The MG 01 high-precision LCD 3D printer is ideal for healthcare, creating on-demand, patient-specific surgical guides that simplify procedures and enhance personalized care. It improves workflows, speeds up surgeries, and aids in better visualization. Elevate your facility’s capabilities with MG 01 for precise, custom, and effective healthcare solutions.

Key Features

High Uniformity Light Source

High-Precision Molding

Highly Stable Z-Axis

High Uniformity Integral Light Source

This advanced light system provides exceptional light uniformity, surpassing traditional parallel light sources. It ensures precision in detailing with its consistent exposure, essential for medical models and tools that demand exactness.

385nm Wavelength High-Precision Molding

Featuring a 10.3” 8K monochrome screen, the MG 01 allows for incredibly fine detail and smooth surfaces that are crucial in medical modeling. Its 385nm wavelength meticulously captures the intricacies required in medical prototypes and tools.

Highly Stable Z-Axis

Equipped with dual linear guides and a ball screw arrangement, the Z-axis on MG 01 enhances the printer’s stability and position accuracy. This stabilizing feature prevents layer shifts and facilitates the production of accurate and reliable outputs crucial in medical applications.

MG 01 LCD 3D Printer Parameters
Molding technologyLCD
Print size 228×128×200mm
Printing speed 70mm/h (0.05mm)
Print screen10.3" 8K monochrome screen
Layer thickness0.01-0.1mm
XY axis accuracy29μm
Rated voltage100-120V~/200-240V~,50/60Hz
Rated power300W
File formatcxdlpv4
Connection methodUSB disk, WIFI
Operating systemPlocreat BOX (Win7 or above X64, Mac)
Machine size340×292×552mm
Package Size480×425×720mm
Warranty12 months manufacturer's warranty
Technical Support:Unlimited lifetime technical support

Application Areas


3D printing technology is widely adopted in surgical guides. Surgical guides are used for insertion of human body implants and require high level of customization in order to fit each individual’s body shape and contour. Moreover, The guide plate is not easy to break during surgical cutting, ensuring accurate size of the surgical cutting site.


Orthopedics surgery fixture

Surgical guide resin is a low skin irritation and low skin allergenic UV curable resin for 3D printing. It has low shrinkage, high transparency, high Elongation and high Impact strength  physical properties for orthopedics surgery fixture and medical application.

  • High temperature sterilization possible 
  • Passed allergy test 
  • Passed irritation test 
  • Passed Cell bio toxicity test

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