SG Pro

Surgical guide resin is a low skin irritation and low skin allergenic UV curable resin for 3D printing. It has low shrinkage, high transparency, high Elongation and high Impact strength  physical properties for orthopedics surgery fixture and medical application.

Key Features

High Transparency

Improve the accuracy and safety of surgery.

High Strength & Toughness

It deforms without breaking when subjected to external force.

High Impact Strength

Able to withstand greater force and pressure.

SG Pro Material Properties
Viscosity, cps (@25°C)700-900
Density,g/cm3 (@25°C) 1.05-1.10
Hardness, Shore D75-80
Flexural modulus, Mpa1000-1200
Flexural strength, Mpa>40
Tensile modulus, Mpa230-270
Elongation at break,%110-140
Impact strength,notched lzod, J/m240-300
Heat deflection temperature, °C60-70

Application Areas


3D printing technology is widely adopted in surgical guides. Surgical guides are used for insertion of human body implants and require high level of customization in order to fit each individual’s body shape and contour. More over, The guide plate is not easy to break during surgical cutting, ensuring accurate size of the surgical cutting site.


Orthopedics surgery fixture

Surgical Guide Resin is designed specifically for crafting surgical guides. This high transparent resin is perfect for creating precise guide plates essential for implant surgery. It has low shrinkage, high Elongation and high Impact strength physical properties, making it an economical choice for implant guidance.

  • High temperature sterilization possible 
  • Passed allergy test 
  • Passed irritation test 
  • Passed Cell bio toxicity test

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