Surgical Guide Solutions

3D printed surgical guides are cutting-edge tools revolutionising medical surgeries. They are patient-specific models created using 3D printing technology, facilitating precision and accuracy by mapping out surgical procedures beforehand. This concept addresses individual anatomical variations, potentially reducing operation time and improving patient outcomes.

Benefits of a 3D-Printed Surgical Guide



Effective Production


How the Process Works

MG 01 LCD 3D printer

29um high-precision 3D printer

The MG01 is designed for use in healthcare settings, making it exceptionally suitable for medical facilities looking to integrate 3D printing into their workflow.

UV02 Curing Machine

Fast curing in just 1-5 minutes

The UV02 stands as the critical final phase in the 3D printing workflow, specializes in professional resins, delivering precise UV light exposure for thorough curing in minutes.

SG Pro

Surgical guide resin pro for medical

Developed to facilitate high-precision, implant-guided procedures, Surgical Guide Resin ensures exceptional accuracy and performance.

Surgical Navigation Physical Template

  • Piocreat patented Surgical Guide Resin Pro, easy molding, high strength, and good toughness.
  • The guide plate is not easy to break during surgical cutting, ensuring accurate size of the surgical cutting site.
  • The resin has passed cytotoxicity testing and meets relevant requirements.

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