Piocreat & Pionext to Ignite Innovation at CDS Midwinter Meeting 2024

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Get ready for a 3D printing revolution in the dental industry as PioCreat 3D proudly announces its participation in the CDS Midwinter Meeting 2024.

PioCreat 3D’s offerings result in a lower overall cost of ownership in comparison to major competitors. Our presence at CDS 2024 is your chance to witness firsthand the latest advancements that will shape the future of dental care.

🦷 What to Expect from Piocreat at CDS Midwinter Meeting 2024? 🦷

  • Machines: Models such as DJ89 Plus 8K LCD 3D printer and D158 surpass rival printers in terms of speed and throughput while maintaining top-tier dimensional precision. With an astonishing print speed of up to 80mm/h, the D150 DLP 3D printer ensures you spend less time waiting and more time creating.
  • Biocompatible dental resin: A portfolio of state-of-the-art dental resins to create products characterized by their robustness, minimal shrinkage, strong biocompatibility, and resistance to wear. This allows users to decrease material consumption and boost output without incurring additional costs.


  • Interactive Showcases: Explore our interactive showcases featuring the latest innovations that are simplifying workflows, enhancing accuracy, and delivering exceptional results in the dental industry.

🤝 Schedule a Meeting !

For products inquiries or to schedule a meeting during CDS Midwinter Meeting 2024, please contact [sales@piocreat3d.com].

Visit [Piocreat 3D] for more information on our products and solutions.

We look forward to welcoming you at CDS Midwinter Meeting 2024!🌐🦷

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